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Making candles and wax melts is such a joy for us, but who knew there were so many important decisions to make! 

The most important decision to make is what type of wax to use! It has been a question many have asked us when I am  out and about, and we love it! 

After many hours of testing, burning, and researching I have decided that soy wax is the best!

  •  First reason being that we are from a small rural community in Iowa and soy wax is a byproduct of soybeans, it makes sense to support the local farmers!

  •  Soy is a cleaner burn than paraffin. Soy does not leave as much black soot as paraffin. Now, you may have found that soy candles are not as "perfect" looking as a store bought candle. Most candles bought from big box stores are mainly paraffin so they adhere to the jars better, they smell super strong, but they are releasing nasty toxins into the air of your homes.

  •  Third reason is, soy burns at a cooler temperature and tends to burn slower than paraffin, increasing the life of your candle! 

I have been perfecting these soy beautiful candles and wax melts with every batch that I have poured! 

I look forward to helping you find some nostalgia within our candles and wax melts!

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